Friday, 3 February 2017

The Good: We are all here safe and well. Flight went amazingly smoothly, kids loved it and somehow it passed quickly and I watched a couple of movies, when does that happen?! The weather is amazing...I keep wanting to pinch myself that we are here. The place we are staying is great and in walking distance to lovely cafes, shops with lots of artsy things to do with kids. The weirdest thing is feeling like we are in a village yet with a city vibe and mountains all around, its such a beautiful mix.

The Bad: My eldest is unwell with a cold, temp, swollen throat and runny eyes... poor little love is slowly on the mend. The driving terrifies me, I have started to resemble Hyacinth Bucket in the passenger seat. Hubby starts meetings on Monday then its over to me!

The Ugly : Jet lag!!! On Saturday I was so deliriously tired I kept thinking a black shadow was lurching behind furniture and at one point actually asked hubby if my tongue was stuck to my lip! All very odd... Last night I lay on the floor of daughters room to keep an eye on her and swapped from feeding baby to giving her medicine. Then when all was quiet and I began to drift off middle child woke at 4.30am ready for the day!! Some how things have now settled and everyone is a little more adjusted. No further shadows and my lip is now present and correct.


Heading to La La Land

I can't believe I am saying this as its something hubby and I have talked about for years and years.... We and our three young kids are heading to LA for a two month advenutre... tomorrow! Here's how we got here... He works in film I used to act, we met fourteen years ago before a grey hair or a frown line in sight. We made a very dodgy graduation film together and love blossomed. He has tenaticously worked towards his dream of becoming a film director while I veered off course from acting and found myself on a new path. Most important new role being mummy to our kids.

10 facts about me:

1. I have no idea why I am doing this blog
2. In order for me to be fully open and frank about our time in LA I will be using a pseudo name
3. I am usually a keep things close to my chest kind of girl, but I have a strong sense of wanting to chill out and swing my knickerrs round my head, so, I figured what better way than to do that than let it all hang out here
4. I have terrible, grammar, spelling, use of anything techical, so if you are reading this then I'm off to a good start
5. I think my blog could be really shit... but hey it's fun isn't it?!
6. Going to LA is a dream come true for us. I am so curious to navigate my way through the highs and lows of what its like to experience a dream happening, will it live up to the fantasy
7. Most of the time its going to me and our three kids while my husbands works. I have a) Never been to LA, b) Driven on the other side of the road and c) Don't know a soul out there 
8. Have just realised I am doing this blog for company, cripes that sounds sad, but putting it out to the ether, might if nothing else help me make sense of it all.
9. I am nearly 36, I can't believe I jsut wrote that, surely I'm 28.
10. I can't wait to share all the people watching, mum and kid antics, film world insights and without a doubt a fair share of Larry David moments coming from me

So here we go, a 12 hour flight of trying to get a baby to sleep, a little boy to keep his voice lower than screaming level and our daughter to stop chatting to the nearest person about her (our) views on Trump.

Wish me luck! x