Friday, 3 February 2017

Heading to La La Land

I can't believe I am saying this as its something hubby and I have talked about for years and years.... We and our three young kids are heading to LA for a two month advenutre... tomorrow! Here's how we got here... He works in film I used to act, we met fourteen years ago before a grey hair or a frown line in sight. We made a very dodgy graduation film together and love blossomed. He has tenaticously worked towards his dream of becoming a film director while I veered off course from acting and found myself on a new path. Most important new role being mummy to our kids.

10 facts about me:

1. I have no idea why I am doing this blog
2. In order for me to be fully open and frank about our time in LA I will be using a pseudo name
3. I am usually a keep things close to my chest kind of girl, but I have a strong sense of wanting to chill out and swing my knickerrs round my head, so, I figured what better way than to do that than let it all hang out here
4. I have terrible, grammar, spelling, use of anything techical, so if you are reading this then I'm off to a good start
5. I think my blog could be really shit... but hey it's fun isn't it?!
6. Going to LA is a dream come true for us. I am so curious to navigate my way through the highs and lows of what its like to experience a dream happening, will it live up to the fantasy
7. Most of the time its going to me and our three kids while my husbands works. I have a) Never been to LA, b) Driven on the other side of the road and c) Don't know a soul out there 
8. Have just realised I am doing this blog for company, cripes that sounds sad, but putting it out to the ether, might if nothing else help me make sense of it all.
9. I am nearly 36, I can't believe I jsut wrote that, surely I'm 28.
10. I can't wait to share all the people watching, mum and kid antics, film world insights and without a doubt a fair share of Larry David moments coming from me

So here we go, a 12 hour flight of trying to get a baby to sleep, a little boy to keep his voice lower than screaming level and our daughter to stop chatting to the nearest person about her (our) views on Trump.

Wish me luck! x

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