Friday, 3 February 2017

The Good: We are all here safe and well. Flight went amazingly smoothly, kids loved it and somehow it passed quickly and I watched a couple of movies, when does that happen?! The weather is amazing...I keep wanting to pinch myself that we are here. The place we are staying is great and in walking distance to lovely cafes, shops with lots of artsy things to do with kids. The weirdest thing is feeling like we are in a village yet with a city vibe and mountains all around, its such a beautiful mix.

The Bad: My eldest is unwell with a cold, temp, swollen throat and runny eyes... poor little love is slowly on the mend. The driving terrifies me, I have started to resemble Hyacinth Bucket in the passenger seat. Hubby starts meetings on Monday then its over to me!

The Ugly : Jet lag!!! On Saturday I was so deliriously tired I kept thinking a black shadow was lurching behind furniture and at one point actually asked hubby if my tongue was stuck to my lip! All very odd... Last night I lay on the floor of daughters room to keep an eye on her and swapped from feeding baby to giving her medicine. Then when all was quiet and I began to drift off middle child woke at 4.30am ready for the day!! Some how things have now settled and everyone is a little more adjusted. No further shadows and my lip is now present and correct.


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